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Top Medical Billing Service Companies of Boston, Massachusetts – Review the Best Billing and Coding Firms

If your health care practice is in need of the best medical billing company in Boston then this guide will help you get started. In this review we examined how medical billing and coding (MB&C) companies interact with local healthcare providers, patients, and insurance payers. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of selecting a top-rated medical billing service for your medical practice. Here’s a list of the best-rated local providers serving Suffolk County.

Copatient, Inc
201 South St #202
Boston, MA 02111

Copatient, Inc is a highly respected medical billing service that reviewed very well in all departments. From reviewing medical bills to claim analysis we were impressed with scores. They effectively reduce pressure on HR resources and enhance participant experience through their educational programs and suite of tools.  Copatient, Inc comprehensive claims analysis and direct negotiation help to ensure maximum savings and faster payment times. The company is managed by Tom Toore, CEO and they support health cost containment for health care businesses and their employees, via personalized bill review, professional negotiation, and education.

Areas of Specialties: ICD-10 Compliant, medical billing and coding, insurance claims



PT Billing
125 Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

PT Billing has been provided medical billing services since 2004 and serves clients all across the US. PT billing is a leader in electronic claims, patient statements, and billing solutions. They work closely with insurance carriers and see them as a continuum of care rather than as obstacles of payment.  

Clients: Norwood Physical Therapy, Aegis Health Partners, Ingard Physical Therapy



Why Hire a Boston Medical Billing Service?

Quality medical billing companies maximize the profitability of your practice and will help you on reduce your denials and boost your RCM. Medical billing services can bring you error-free insurance claim processing services through EMR and PM software. Learn About Medical Billing Services

Other Top Rated Medical Billing Providers in Boston, MA

Streamline Health Care Solutions
160 Commonwealth Avenue #8
Boston, MA 02116

StanTel Information Management Services
255 State St
Boston, MA 02109

Rely Services
225 Franklin St
Boston, MA 02110
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What is a Medical Billing Service?

Medical billing Services are payment practices within the health system. The solution involves a healthcare provider submitting, and following up on, claims with health insurance companies so that medical practices are able to receive payment for their medical services rendered. They provide specialty services such as billing, appointment reminders, medical coding, and collection services.