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Top Medical Billing Service Companies of Charlotte, North Carolina – Review the Best Billing and Coding Firms

Check out the best rated medical billing firms in Charlotte and partner with the right team. The best-qualified billing and coding service will help your practice meet all of your insurance and patient billing needs. The top companies in our review should not only be deemed an experienced medical billing service provider, but also act as an important and strategic revenue cycle management partner. Let us help you get the most accurate and cost-effective billing partner. Here are some of the best ranked medical billing companies serving Mecklenburg County.

Medical Billing Choices, Inc
814 Tyvola Rd # 116
Charlotte, NC 28217

Medical Billing Choices, Inc is a trusted company and a top 5 ranked billing solution in Charlotte, NC. The company has proven its ability to increase cash flow, lower administrative expenses, and manage accounts receivable responsibly. They have over twenty years of experience working with OBGYN practices, Orthopedic surgeons, Rehab treatment centers, and behavioral healthcare practices. Medical Billing Choices, Inc offers a performance-based solution and bills s percentage of payments collected.

Areas of Specialties: Radiology, Anesthesia, Emergency, Pathology, Hospitalists



MBX Medical Billing Experts, LLC
3030 Latrobe Dr
Charlotte, NC 28211

MBC Medical Billing Experts, LLC is a top-rated provider of revenue cycle management services. They are a leader in client onboarding in revenue cycle management and have proven their ability to increase the efficiency of your medical practice, deliver outstanding customer experiences, and help your office to collect more revenue. The company is managed by Chip Porter, their CEO, who has 15+ years of leadership experience. consistently deliver on a set of clearly defined expectations while establishing trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. Processing millions of procedures annually, they effectively honor their promises to meet all your expectations while establishing trustworthy, long-term relationships with hundreds of health care practices and hospitals all across the US.

Areas of Specialties: Billing, coding, Physical therapy, occupational therapy, home health billing services



Why Hire a Charlotte Medical Billing Service?

Charlotte medical billing services can make your healthcare practice more profitable by increasing incoming payments. It delivers offers extensive resources, broad expertise, and specialized practice management. Medical billing companies focus on accounts receivables in improving your ROI.   Learn About Medical Billing Services

Other Top Rated Medical Billing Providers in Charlotte, NC

Medical Revenue Solutions
15720 Brixham Hill Ave #376
Charlotte, NC 28277
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Dilignet Billing and Management
800 W Hill St
Charlotte, NC 28208

Prometheus Group
11325 N Community House Rd #650
Charlotte, NC 28277

What is a Medical Billing Service?

Medical billing Services are payment practices within the health system. The solution involves a healthcare provider submitting, and following up on, claims with health insurance companies so that medical practices are able to receive payment for their medical services rendered. They provide specialty services such as billing, appointment reminders, medical coding, and collection services.