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Best Medical Billing Service Companies in Memphis, TN |  Review the Top Billing and Coding Firms

Below is our latest review of Memphis’s best medical billing service companies. These top-rated companies can help with consulting, credentialing, and all aspects of billing for Physicians. Are you looking for billing services that the experience necessary, with certified medical coding professionals and incredible pricing? Check out these qualified firms and our informational buyer’s guide.

Top 20 Medical Billing Companies



Medical Billing and Telehealth
7756 Antigua Cove
Memphis, TN 38119

Diversified Billing Solutions
7866 Pinefrost Ln
Memphis, TN 38125

KLA Healthcare Consultants
6890 Hillshire Dr # 13
Memphis, TN 38133

United Health Services
6750 Lenox Center Ct # 300
Memphis, TN 38115

Top 20 Medical Billing Companies



Why Hire a Memphis Medical Billing Service?

A good Memphis medical billing service can make your practice more profitable by increasing incoming payments. It’s an affordable way to maximize medical insurance reimbursement, fast claims turnaround, rapid collection of insurance claims, and quicker collections of aged receivables. Are you ready to Increase reimbursements and quickly recover outstanding claims? Learn More About Medical Billing Pricing


A Memphis, TN, medical billing service can help your medical office by steering you clear of costly mistakes. This guide will show you how using one helps.

Best Medical Billing Companies

If you’re managing a medical office in Memphis, then you know it can be difficult and time-consuming.

And trying to keep track of your own billing is a nightmare. Errors are bound to happen, and they can be costly.

That’s why taking on a Memphis, TN, medical billing service can make your life much easier. It streamlines the whole process of getting paid, removing that considerable headache from your list of worries.

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How a Memphis, TN, Medical Billing Service Can Help You

In any medical billing discussion, the worry of making errors inevitably comes up. But with a medical billing service, what to avoid in terms of the mistaken procedure is no longer an issue.

So let’s take a look at seven errors that hiring a billing service can eliminate:

1. Incorrect Patient ID

This is the kind of mistake that crops up pretty frequently.

It’s easy for an employee to enter the wrong patient ID, particularly in a fast-paced and busy medical office. This means a delay in payment, as a claim is denied and the error has to be tracked down and fixed.

2. Wrong Insurance Provider

This is another frequent mistake and one that can be corrected pretty easily.

It’s common for claims to be sent to the wrong insurance provider. For instance, a patient’s insurance card might not be properly scanned. But a billing service is dedicated to preventing these issues from happening or resolving them when they do.

3. Mixed-Up Digits

Like a wrongly entered ID, misplaced digits lead to unnecessary medical billing questions. It’s completely understandable: a tired or distracted employee forgets or transposes a single number.

But that can lead to denied claims and delayed payments. A dedicated billing company is committed to preventing these sorts of errors from ever happening.

4. Obsolete Codes

Diagnosis and procedure coding fluctuates from year to year. And if you bill for an obsolete code—that means more delays and denied claims.

It’s a headache, and extremely frustrating. But this is the sort of thing that medical billing companies specialize in, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your codes straight.

5. Unmatched Diagnosis and Procedure Codes

Keeping with the theme of diagnosis and procedure codes, it’s important for them to match.

The correct correspondence of these two codes indicates the medical necessity of the procedures for which the insurance company is paying. Hiring a billing service ensures that the codes are correctly matched.

6. Avoid Duplicate Billing

Duplicate billing can be more common than you might think. Particularly if more than one person is entering information, it’s an easy mistake.

A medical billing service thoroughly reviews records to avoid this preventable error.

7. Meet Filing Deadlines

If a claim isn’t filed by the indicated deadline, then there’s not much that can be done.

This is the kind of billing error that is entirely avoidable. Hiring a medical billing service will ensure that all filing deadlines are met.

Medical Billing in Memphis is the Perfect Solution

Running a medical office is difficult enough. Trying to keep up with billing, and struggling to avoid payment issues, is an unnecessary hassle.

If you’re looking for a Memphis, TN, medical billing service, we can help. We specialize in reviewing medical billing services, so contact us for a quote today.