How Much Does Best Medical Billing Service Cost in Mobile, AL?

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An in-depth review of the best medical billing service companies in Mobile, AL. Learn about features, pricing, and solutions from top local providers. We examined the top providers offering full-service medical practice management, medical billing, coding, and claims processing.

We expect this to be reliable provide outstanding comprehensive accounts receivable management and credentialing for physician practices. Reach out to them directly or use this service to compare prices and alternatives.

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Medex Billing Services Inc
517 Boulevard Park W
Mobile, AL 36609

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4638 Bit and Spur Rd
Mobile, AL 36608

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Merem Healthcare Solutions
1286 Oak Grove Rd # 100
Birmingham, AL 35209

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How Much Do Medical Billing Services Cost in Mobile, AL?

Depending on the size of your medical practice in Mobile, AL a medical billing service will cost between $4.01-$6.34 per claim, or 4.3%-9.4% of the debt collected. Get competitive costs from medical billing companies in your area: Start Here:

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More About Mobile, AL

The city of Mobile, AL is a regional center for medicine with over 850 physicians and 175 dentists. There are four major medical centers within the city limits that offer everything from checkups to heart bypass surgery.

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