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When outsourcing your urology medical billing services you’ll have a number of top providers to choose from. We reviewed over 100 top-rated Nephrology medical billing service companies to help you find to best partner money can buy.

Compare software features and billing services. When you’re ready for pricing information from top suppliers, simply click the compare button and get matched up with up the best urology medical billing service providers. Then compare how they meet your healthcare practice needs, examine prices, and decide.


Top 10 Nephrology Medical Billing Companies

There are many excellent medical billing companies across the United States. In this review, we looked at companies that specialize in Nephrology medical billing. The below are companies we believe to be the best urology medical billing companies in the nation.

Medical Billing Services, Inc
6817 Southpoint Pkwy Ste 2001
Jacksonville, FL 32216

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AccuMed Billing Services
449 Eisenhower Blvd #120
Harrisburg, PA 17111

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Right Medical Billing
1828 Snake River Rd Suite D
Katy, TX 77449

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5 Star Billing Service
2415 W Mission Dr
Chandler, AZ 85224

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Human Medical Billing
10515 Balboa Blvd Ste 290
Granada Hills, CA 91344

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Superior Medical Management, Inc
10300 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75231

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Barbara Young Medical Billing Services
900 South Ave
Staten Island, NY 10314

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My Billing Company Inc
12555 Orange Dr Suite 104
Davie, FL 33330

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Reliance Medical Management
4414 Lake Boone Trail Suite 411
Raleigh, NC 27607

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701 Commerce St #702
Dallas, TX 75202

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Quality Medica Billing For Nephrology

The nephrology medical billing process is the best way to ensure that your patient receives proper care. They deal with kidney treatment and can be very difficult in cases where there are prior illnesses or conditions affecting their kidneys, but this doesn’t stop them from being an essential part of our healthcare system. Commong Billing Problems Result From:

  • Compliance with ICD-10, E&M, and CPT Coding Guidelines
  • Properly Coding Renal Failure
  • Coding Chronic Kidney Failure
  • Documenting Patient Care Health Matters

The nephrology billing process can be complex and time-consuming. Even with dedicated staff, it’s difficult for doctors to conduct their own medical records management as well as deal directly with insurance companies on behalf of patients who require treatment or medications–especially if you have multiple offices across several states.


Is Nephrology Billing Services Worth it?

The doctor’s workload is becoming more and more hectic. With so many patients to treat, it’s no wonder that they’re turning towards outsourcing for help with nephrology billing services.


  • More Time: You know that time you spend inputting patient information into an EHR? Well, if your staff is taking up all of their resources then this task will just get worse. outsourced billing services can help free up some work for everyone by handling these tedious jobs.
  • Simplified Billing: Kidney disease is often combined with other ailments like diabetes, hypertension, and more. An outsourcing company can simplify this process by handling most of your medical billing while you focus on other tasks in office management or patient care delivery.
  • Fewer Denials: There are many reasons why your practice may get denied. 86% of denials can be prevented with the right information and techniques.
  • Avoid Lost Revenue: The best way to avoid revenue loss due to these pesky denials is by outsourcing medical billers. They deal with all aspects of nephrology every day, so you won’t have any issues at hand that they can’t handle for you.
  • Better Patient Care: The nephrology medical billing service will help you to focus on improving patient care and not need constant staff training. This is because they provide administrative services, so your time can be used more efficiently than before.
  • Eliminate Most Errors: To make sure patients are always informed during the billing process, outsourced medical billers can streamline your office by helping you eliminate errors and freeing up time so that revenue doesn’t disappear due to missing coding or information.
  • Identify Problems: Billing services are often complex and overwhelming. But with the right analytics, you can identify problems in your processor or project revenue for a given cycle so that it’s more predictable going forward–and set performance indicators to use as guidelines when growing!


  • Companies have a difficult time when they attempt to internally handle medical billing.
  • When companies fail to handle medical billing protocols correctly, they can be putting themselves at great risk for financial ruin. Not only does this take up time that should go into making employees knowledgeable about the latest codes and regulations but it also means those individuals will need more training on how healthcare claims are processed throughout every stage of production which is never easy.

Outsourced Nephrology Billing Services Makes Sence

Nephrology medical billing is not a one-size-fits-all process. You will have to pay them either by the percentage or flat fee, but if you do then as your revenue goes up so does their price tag. That being said many businesses find this attractive because of increased profitability and time saved by outsourcing medical billing services.

The documentation and coding for each medical specialty are unique. To ensure clarity, it’s important that the information matches what appears on a claim as well as being clear enough so coders can understand you better.

The nephrology team is a crucial component of the medical billing process. They help patients manage different types of kidney diseases, like diabetic nephropathy or renovascular hypertension – which can lead to heart problems in some cases! A diverse knowledge ensures that we have an understanding of many codes and documentation requirements for accurate timely payments from your insurance company so you get paid what’s owed plus interest if necessary.

Should I Hire a Nephrology Billing Service?

Contracting a medical billing company is one of the most crucial decisions made in providing healthcare services. This will have an impact on how much revenue your practice generates, as well as its overall success rate and reputation for delivering quality care.

Licensed medical billing companies are here to help you get the most out of every treatment. Our suppliers have years of experience providing services for Nephrology patients, so call us today if you’re looking into accurate coding and reimbursement.

The patient’s insurance company may require that they have a referral or pre-authorization before they will cover any expenses related to your nephrology services. A billing service can verify whether these requirements are met and help with the calculations for both deductible, and co-payment amounts on their plan according to what’s required by various carriers in America today.