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Top Medical Billing Service Companies of Phoenix, Arizona – Review the Best Billing and Coding Firms

Below is our latest review of Phoenix’s best medical billing service companies. These top-rated companies can help with consulting, credentialing, and all aspects of billing for Physicians. Are you looking for billing services that the experience necessary, with certified medical coding professionals and incredible pricing? Check out these qualified firms and our informational buyers guide.

E&A Billing & Insurance Services
7878 N 16th St #250
Phoenix, AZ 85020

E&A Medical Billing & Insurance Services has worked with physician’s billing and insurance needs since 1984. The Medical Billing portion of E&A company is dedicated to optimizing your reimbursements through a professional, knowledgeable team of experts. Whether you are a billing new or existing client or an insurance client, they are fully able to provide unmatched solutions for any practice.

Areas of Specialties: Billing, Coding, Scheduling, Practice Management

Top 20 Medical Billing Companies



APEX Medical Reimbursement Solutions
11225 N 28th Dr # D218
Phoenix, AZ 85029

APEX Medical Reimbursement Solutions is locally owned and managed in Phoenix, Arizona.  APEX has been providing medical billing services since 2002. are licensed and compliant with HIPAA. APEX employees are experienced medical billers who specialize in practice management, medical billing and coding, and healthcare consulting across all specialties. APEX only employs AAPC-certified medical billing and coding professionals. The team is skilled in the current ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS codes.

Areas of Specialties: Charge Entry, Radiology Billing, Orthopedic Billing, MRI Billing, Practice Management, Healthcare Consulting

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An in-depth review of the best medical billing service companies in Phoenix. Learn about features, pricing, and solutions from local providers. Compare cost from suppliers in your area.

Why Hire a Phoenix Medical Billing Service?

A good Phoenix medical billing service can make your practice more profitable by increasing incoming payments. It’s an affordable way to maximize medical insurance reimbursement, fast claims turnaround, rapid collection of insurance claims, and quicker collections of aged receivables. Are you ready to Increase reimbursements and quickly recover outstanding claims? Learn More About Medical Billing Pricing

Other Top Rated Medical Billing Providers in Phoenix, AZ

Qs2 Medical Billing & Consulting
11801 N Tatum Blvd #145
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Managed Care Alternatives Inc
3031 W Northern Ave #111
Phoenix, AZ 85051

NHI Billing Services
2010 W Whispering Wind Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85085

Direct Medical Billing Services
2352 E University Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Crystal Billing Services, Inc.
2301 W Dunlap Ave #110
Phoenix, AZ 85021


Healthcare providers should primarily focus on serving their patients. A reliable medical billing service in Phoenix, AZ can help burden the coding and billing process.

Can a medical company help your medical office?

What is a Medical Billing Service?

It might surprise some to know that hospitals and medical facilities don’t always do their own coding and billing. A medical billing service makes sure claims are coded and billed to health insurance companies correctly.

The specialists must be certified and trained by a professional organization.

Best Medical Billing Companies

Completing training and examination ensures a person is up to date on reimbursement methodologies and current industry trends.

A medical billing service doing these functions for a clinic or hospital allows their resources to be spent on the patients. Revenue cycles for the medical facilities depend on smooth operations by the billing service.

There are three types of medical billing services to consider. Each option can cater to specific needs.

  1. Physician Management – This is a large company with a staff numbering into the hundreds. Their mission is to handle all administrative tasks for a medical group.
  2. Professional Medical Billing Service – Serving companies with sizable budgets, these services conduct coding and billing and may add extra value in other areas.
  3. Smaller Medical Billing Service – These are generally home-based services. It’s important to make sure the specialist has experience.

Experience and reputation should be priorities in utilizing a good medical billing service.

Most services are trained to handle general practice. Medical specialties should be handled by billing services that have experience in the respective areas.

Medical Billing Outsourcing

What is the Cost of a Medical Billing Service in Phoenix, AZ?

A medical office looking to contract with a medical billing service should know the three different ways they can be billed.


A percentage-based rate is the most common form of charging fees for service. The percentage is based on the amount claimed, not the amount billed. This should motivate the servicer to quickly and correctly bill.

The medical billing company only gets paid after the medical office is paid. Everyone will want a smooth revenue cycle to be profitable.

Percentages can change based on the type of claims. Workers’ Compensation claims generally yield a lower percentage than a personal injury claim.

Some companies will charge as low as 2.9% with exceptional pass rates. Other companies will charge as high as 10%.


The claim-based fee only works for companies that only process claims. With this fee structure, the medical service company charges for every claim filed, not every claim approved.

Forgoing accuracy and efficiency and lead to rejected submissions. Too many rejected submissions will tarnish the reputation of a service company.

Clients may want to structure a claim-based fee around rejected claims.


The hourly-based charge is reserved for smaller billing companies. Typically one-person operations will charge by the hour for small medical offices.

Picking the Right Fit For Your Practice

With plenty of options out there, compare medical billing services in Phoenix, AZ to see the right fit.

Grab a quote for your medical office and weigh your choices. A medical billing service can provide much-needed relief for your staff.