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When outsourcing your urology medical billing services you’ll have a number of top providers to choose from. We reviewed over 100 top-rated urology medical billing service companies to help you find to best partner money can buy.

Compare software features and billing services. When you’re ready for pricing information from top suppliers, simply click the compare button and get matched up with up the best urology medical billing service providers. Then compare how they meet your healthcare practice needs, examine prices, and decide.


Top 10 Urology Medical Billing Companies

There are many excellent medical billing companies across the United States. In this review we looked at companies that specialize in urology medical billing. The below are companies we believe to be the best urology medical billing companies in the nation.

4700 Exchange Court, Suite 225
Boca Raton, FL. 33431

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Nextus Billing Solutions
421 N 7th St Suite 605
Philadelphia, PA 19123

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Progressus Revenue
2500 Wilcrest Dr Suite 300
Houston, TX 77042

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E&A Medical Billing & Insurance Services
7878 N 16th St #250
Phoenix, AZ 85020

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Golden West Medical Billing, Inc
8929 S. Sepulveda #210
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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Superior Medical Management, Inc
10300 N Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75231

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544 Park Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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SylverCorp Medical Billing Solutions
12620 Beach Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32246

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8757 Red Oak Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28217

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701 Commerce St #702
Dallas, TX 75202

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Quality Medica Billing For Urology

Urology medical billing is getting more complex each year, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right system in place and with your practice’s financial strength linked directly back into their ability for effective management of these services then you’ll find that maintaining patient health becomes less stressful than before.

Maintaining urological patients’ wellness has always been an uphill battle against time-consuming tasks like coding or invoicing; however, now there are even newer challenges waiting on behalf of outside sources who may dispute claims–a costly fought which can easily result from lackadaisical practices without proper education about how best protect oneself professionally. Urology billing companies also cover these industries:

  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology
  • Andrology
  • Oncology
  • Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

Is Urology Billing Outsourcing Worth it?

If you are a doctor who wants to spend more time with patients and less on administrative tasks, then medical billing outsourcing is the perfect solution, and well worth the investment.

The vast majority of doctors don’t have enough hours in their day for everything that needs doing when it comes to running an efficient office because they’re always dealing with changing regulations or trying hard just to get through each week without losing focus on what really matters – taking care patients. By outsourcing this responsibility we’ve found ourselves able to concentrate fully on other aspects like coding.


  • The use of medical billing software has been instrumental in saving the company money. With professionals handling this task, they no longer have full-time employees doing nothing but sitting at desks all day long.
  • The medical billing process is often time-consuming and burdensome, with doctors having to juggle complex regulatory compliance requirements. To make matters worse in some cases there aren’t enough skilled staff members on hand who can do this work effectively so outsourcing has become necessary for most practices.
  • Imagine how much more efficient your office would be if that full-time job was largely automated and the staff hours spent on this project were returned to you. For example, hiring a medical billing service means those rejected claims or collections that once caused so many headaches are now their responsibility! This allows for plowing forward with new work without spending extra labor time dealing with past duties


  • When companies attempt to handle medical billing internally, they often face many difficulties. The following are some common problems that arise in this process.
  • The cost of doing business as an entrepreneur is not small. You have to take care of everything from employees, benefits, and technology right down to how much it will set you back financially if things go wrong with any aspect or stage in the process – which they almost always do! The best way around this problem? Hiring professionals who can handle all these tasks for just one price – no matter what comes up along their journey through yours.
  • Companies are under pressure to make sure they handle medical billing protocols correctly. If not, there can be huge liabilities involved and this takes up time that should go into making employees knowledgeable about the latest codes as well so all work together efficiently.

Outsourced Urology Billing Services Makes Sence

Urology practices should consider medical billing outsourcing for a number of reasons. For example, it can help boost revenue and reduce costs in the long run while also streamlining workflow processes from start to finish with this service.

Free Up Your Time: Outsourcing your urology medical billing company will free up time for you so that the best doctors can provide excellent patient care. With an outsourced provider, there are no worries about dealing with financial paperwork or chasing down payments processed by third parties; this takes the pressure off everyone involved.

Fewer Billing Mistakes: Urology medical billing is an important part of the process, but it’s also one where errors can weigh heavily. By outsourcing this job to experienced professionals who know what they’re doing you’ll reduce your chances for committing any costly blunders!

Improve Profits: Outsourcing urology medical billing is a cost-saving investment. For example, you’ll be able to remove covering salaries for new employees and more from your company budget without any loss in quality workmanship or services provided by outside professionals who are already well trained with years of experience under their belt!

HIPAA Compliance: The medical industry is one that changes quickly, and staying up to date with HIPAA laws can be extremely challenging. Failing to follow regulations could result in severe problems for your patients’ privacy as well as risks associated with going against them directly – especially if they’re vulnerable or require special care, but outsourcing urology billing gives you peace of mind knowing everything will stay within compliance so there are no surprises later on down the line.

Full Outsourced Solutions

Below is a list of common medical billing services available to urology healthcare professionals.

  • Medical billing
  • Medical Coding
  • A/R Follow Up
  • Credentialing Services
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Patient Engagement
  • Care Coordination
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Verifying patient insurance

Avoid Delayed Billing

Urology practices across the country are finding that their medical billing is not going through on time because of improper paperwork. To make up for this, many uro-oncologists will partner with a company that specializes in handling these types of transactions and provide them more information about what they need to do next so it can be processed efficiently.

Medical professionals should always rely heavily upon those skilled enough for such tasks when partnering up with third-party service providers like outsourced accountants or bookkeepers, but even if you’re doing everything yourself there’s no reason why all parties are involved.

Maximized Reimbursement

A dedicated urology billing service ensures that your urology clinic or medical facility receives the maximum reimbursement possible. Get EHR-integrated coding solutions for outsourcing management of all aspects from insurance claims processing to emergency room visits, consultative exams, and hospitalizations so you can focus on what matters most.