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AdvancedMD Review

This cloud based medical billing service is at the top of the industry in terms of technological utility. AdvancedMD is one of the best in the industry at embracing and implementing all of the most current and effective features in their software package. The key word here being “package” because their offerings extend far beyond simple medical billing software. They offer a package that includes practice management products and electronic health record software.

The billing segment of AdvancedMD specializes in taking over the billing so your company doesn’t have to worry about the minutiae of following up on claims. They also take responsibility for secondary and follow-up claims.

The cloud hosting of Advanced MD’s software means zero downtime, even in the event of updates or local hardware issues. This also makes your data accessible easily from a wide variety of devices and locations. Their integration with their own software internally also provides advantages if you subscribe to multiple services offered by the company, as data is shared between applications automatically.

The primary drawback to this particular company is that implementation is complex and may take days to weeks. The main drawback is that you often have to learn the software in depth before finding out how to customize it for optimal functioning in your unique practice environment.


More About AdvancedMD Services:

  • Scheduling
  • In-house Billing
  • Outsourced Billing
  • Reporting and Benchmarketing
  • Electronic Faxing
  • eRx Controlled Substances
  • Patient Kiosks

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Author: Mike Cynar

Mike Cynar brings buyers and sellers together by producing reviews and creating non biased webpages allowing users to share their experiences on various products and services. He and his staff write informative articles related to the medical field, legal, and other small business industries.

  1. I was looking for something that would be perform well for urgent care with several US based locations. Everything went pretty ok with the sales staff of AdvancedMD and they were supportive. The migration to AdvancedMD was what our office actually expected. We use CM and the EMS applications work pretty good, but the way we have it set up is we have all of our medical office locations under one key, which makes it a considerably more complicated for us to do our reporting. At any rate, we love and still recommend AdvancedMD.

  2. The customer support at AdvancedMDmore likely to send people to help on website then helping you. EDI enrollments are either kind of expensive to have done for you or take a long time to do yourself. most softwares include EDI enrollment in the setup at no charge

  3. Totally Customizable notes for office and fields. Excellent customer support.

  4. Purchasing the medical software from AdvancedMD was a good experience. My boss had me contact them using email and within just a few hours of asking for my information, a helpful person contacted me. Then within 10 days, our software was fully in place. The sales reps were very informative and helpful all the way. They acted professionally at all levels and answered our questions to satisfaction. They continued to contact our office me after the sale to make sure we were happy, had no problems, and got what we expected. We have the full service and it’s user-friendly. Their solutions adequately serves the needs of our office patients and medical staff. It’s very good for tracking, billing, and our collections. It’s a great software and we recommend AdvancedMD to everyone that is searching for a new PM or EHR setup.

  5. I have never been so frustrated with EMS software. I am doing so much more work than I was before I purchased this EMS software.

  6. I have been using Advanced MD for over 7 years. My company, Advanced Electronic Medical Billing, Inc located in Denville NJ has been a preferred partner offering billing service support to independent specialty practices. We have multi-specialty clients and have found the system they offer to be very comprehensive. Since it is a cloud based system, our clients handle front end functions such as appointment scheduling and patient collections at time of visit, and we handle the charge review, insurance and patient collections. Physicians love the fact they can enter charges at time of visit, and within seconds our remote office starts to review, inspect and transmit the claims within minutes! The system works well with our office and clients because it also has a built in messaging system which links communications within each patient account. This is a great system for any practice who wants to work closely with their clients to view a/r data, and see all data at any time. We love the fact Advanced MD offers access from IPHONE, IPAD, and desktop. Their support team is located in the USA and they have been wonderful in making sure both our needs as a billing service and our client needs re EHR have been met. We also work with practices who started using Advanced MD and then decided to hand over the billing functions to our company. Advanced MD in these situations were great to work with and made the transition simple! Our clients were happy to transfer billing functions to us without having to learn a new appt scheduler and ehr system. Very well versed with intricacies of Advanced MD and architecture, we were able to jump in quickly as a preferred partner and streamline efficiencies and increase revenue immediately. Our clients also liked the fact that we provide on site in-person training on the Advanced MD system which makes learning a new system less stressful! Highly recommend Advanced MD system.


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