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Complaints & Reviews About Fusion Anesthesia Solutions

Fusion Anesthesia Solutions
225 S. Executive Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005

(262) 787-4050



Fusion Anesthesia Solutions Review

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Fusion Anesthesia provides billing, accounting, and business consulting services to over 400 anesthesiologists nationwide.

They collect the extra revenue that other billing providers don’t.

Fusion Anesthesia has been in the anesthesia billing business for more than 40 years. This expertise has allowed them to see many aspects of the billing business change over time. Technologies have evolved, ICD and tax codes have gotten more complex and obscure, and regulations on the practice of medicine have become more unwieldy.

However, the basics of the business have remained unchanged and Fusion Anesthesia understands that. They provide the back-office billing, collections, and administrative functions that allow independent anesthesiologist practices and hospitals to thrive.

Their business focuses a lot of hard, detail-oriented, and not especially glamorous work.

Wherever possible, they utilize technology and fixed procedures to speed up processing and minimize errors. However, they believe that there’s no substitute for human expertise, persistence, and dedication.

There are a few components of Fusion Anesthesia’s business that truly makes them stand out:

Their specialization: They have been serving only anesthesia professionals for the last 40 years. This extensive expertise means they’re intimately familiar with every anesthesiology billing situation and the relevant payer quirks.

They’ve developed custom technology & processes: Fusion Anesthesia’s systems are a hybrid of off-the-shelf billing systems and custom-developed reconciliation and reporting software… coupled with good old-fashioned human experience, persistence, and service.

They are the ideal size: Their team is small enough to know your name and value your business but big enough to invest in the technology you need.

They are dedicated to your success: Their mission is to collect as much of every dollar that you’re owed as we reasonably can. (Which is typically 5-15% more than other billers).



Services Offered:

  • Anesthesia billing and reconciliation
  • Practice management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Compliance and quality reporting
  • Accounting, Tax, and Payroll
  • Bookkeeping and Bill Paying
  • Scheduling and efficiency analysis
  • Credentialing support

Fusion Anesthesia Solutions Logo

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