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Go for the Gold Standard: The Best Medical Billing Software On the Market

Medical debt is the number one reason for bankruptcy across the United States, but medical billing software, or lack of it, helps play a role. If patients don’t know what they’re paying for or when it’s due, and offices get frustrated with this, those bills end up in collection. Since most of this is due to bad communication or a lack of streamlining in the system, better software can solve this.

Here are six pieces of software to consider when you want to improve your practice with better tools.

1. AdvancedMD

If you’re looking for software that provides a robust integrated suite, this is the one for you. If you’re a smaller practice, investing in billing software is a big deal. It could cost you thousands that you might not have in your budget. However, when you streamline your billing process, you get bills out quicker and get paid faster.

This tool helps by giving you features to help you manage your practice with powerful control over electronic health records. It also offers tools for patient engagement, including the ability to implement telemedical practices. You can manage your reputation online with AdvancedMD in ways that other tools don’t allow.

2. DrChrono EHR

If you’re looking for a tool that’s optimized for mobile devices, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. This is a billing platform that offers so much more than the ability to tell people what they owe.

By creating bills and managing invoices, you’re able to also perform revenue cycle management. It generates customizable medical forms to help you write prescriptions. You can also send out e-prescriptions and register new patients.

DrChrono gives you tools for patient intake. It helps to ensure accurate billing and helps you build stronger patient relationships. When your patients come to your office, they need to know that you remember them. They don’t want to fill the same forms out repeatedly. DrChrono’s tools ensure that connect in a real way.

3. NextGen Healthcare

NextGen offers a lot of solutions for providing robust medical care and to help you deal with your patients better. When you use their tools, you not only get the ability to manage your EHRs better but you also have the tools to manage your practice.

When you use NextGen, you can coordinate patient care while you comply with HIPAA regulations and meet the needs of patients. NextGen creates tools that ensure accuracy and make it easier for patients to pay their bills.

Their tools work for ambulatory practices both big and small while giving your staff personalized customer services. When you come across issues, their help desk ensures that you fix any snags in the process of using their tools.

4. Kareo Billing

Kareo has some of the best billing tools on the market. By combining their efforts with a powerful practice management solution, it’s no wonder that they’re one of the most used tools on the market. Kareo manages the billing and practices of offices and medical practitioners across the country.

Small practices find that they have enough flexibility and a robust enough set of features to meet their needs. With the ability to schedule visits and to confirm insurance, Kareo ensures a steady revenue stream.

Every practice is different and needs the tools they used to be customizable to their needs. When you use Kareo, you have everything you need to create custom reports and store patient documents.

5. AthenaHealth EHR

When you’re on the hunt for cloud-based electronic health record management tools, AthenaHealth EHR is one of the best on the market. You get tools to help you with revenue cyle management and medical billing, which ensures that money is always flowing into the office.

You also get tools to help you with patient engagement and care coordination, which gives a better experience to patients. When patients feel like you know their story and you’re able to connect them with specialists, you build a dependence. Your patients become dedicated to you because of the way that you help to get them the care they need, ensuring it’s catered to them.

AthenaHealth is a company that works with almost 100,000 providers to ensure that EHR management is consistent and accurate. With the homepage offered, you get the chance to see your daily schedule and all the relevant patient information. You get a peek at incoming lab results so that you know what work is on the docket for the day.

If you want to ensure that your practice is robust and transparent, this is the tool for you.

6. Practice EHR

There aren’t a lot of practice management tools developed especially for the needs of small or mid-sized offices. Most tools are for large enterprises, as that’s where the money is for developers. With a tool like Practice EHR, everyone from physical therapists to psychiatrists get everything they need like any other medical office

The number one draw for a tool like this is what it does for electronic medical records and billing, it also helps you schedule patients better. As one fully integrated suite, you get all your solutions in one place, along with tablet support.

As your office grows and advances, you get the chance to stay versatile, flexible, and mobile.

Medical Billing Software Saves Time and Money

When you use better medical billing software, you ensure you get your payments on time. You also help to keep your patients in the loop by giving them clarity on their bills.

If you’re considering using professional billing services, check out our guide for more info.

Author: Mike Cynar

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