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Medical Billing Professionals
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Medical Billing Professionals Review

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Located in Royersford, PA, Medical Billing Professionals, also known as MBPros is top rated billing solution for healthcare. Their teem can data, transmit electronic medical claims and submit paper claims for healthcare office. For any insurance claims that remain open at least 30 days after claim submission, their team will quickly follow up to discover  why the claims may have been denied.

Provider solutions from Change Healthcare bring actionable data, analytics and insights across the healthcare ecosystem. Powered by the Intelligent Healthcare Network™, the single largest financial and administrative healthcare network in the United States. You’ll work faster from all the solutions by Medical Billing Professionals, including:

  • Medical Billing Service
  • Chiropractic Billing Service
  • Physical Therapy Billing Service
  • Mental Health Billing Service
  • Claim Submission
  • Accounts Receivable Posting
  • Follow Up of Outstanding Claims
  • Insurance Verification
  • Authorization and Benefit Tracking

Medisoft: Another benefit from Medical Billing Professionals is the Medisoft Network system so healthcare providers can connect directly to their on-site server from any remote PC with Internet access using a Remote Desktop Connection for live-time access to data.

TherapyNotes : Complete your notes fast and effortlessly with a form-based notes system. Thier notes have been uniquely designed for psychology, therapy, counseling, social work, and psychiatry, catering to the specific needs of each medical profession. It’s one of the best, most powerful and robust solutions in the market.

ChiroTouch : For thier PremiumPlus and Platinum Service providers, they offer ChiroTouch Electronic Medical Records.

EZnotes: This is an EMR program for chiropractors and physical therapists–was designed by two “in the trenches” chiropractors to make lives easier by reducing the time spent doing paperwork and improving patient compliance. EZnotes is a highly intuitive system that utilizes simple self-prompting questions to automatically generate narratives and reports that chiropractors and physical therapists need.


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