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Complaints & Reviews About MediTouch – HealthFusion

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MediTouch Review

MediTouch – HealthFusion provides one of the best in the industry combined Electronic Health Records (EHR) and medical billing solutions. By integrating these two common components of the current medical industry into a tight-knit package, MediTouch provides a seamless client experience that handles every aspect of the billing process.

Chief among the benefits to making the change to MediTouch is that its software is easy to use. Entering claims into the system is straight forward and intuitive compared to many of the more complex products on the market. Once the claim is in the hands of the company, they take over, handling every aspect of the claim despite the complicated nature of modern medical billing.

The integration between the EHR and billing portions of the software is certainly one of the top things to recommend the MediTouch option. Patient data is transmitted directly to the billing service to take over claims directly from the EHR, minimizing any time or administration involved in manual billing.

Another area in which MediTouch excels is in its reporting features. The software offered by the company allows you to create highly visual reports that can be easily interpreted by stakeholders to get useful and quick overviews of the billing processes and profitability in place at your practice.


More About HealthFusion-MediTouch Services:

  • Over 33,000 Users
  • Founded and Managed by Physicians
  • MACRA Compliant
  • JD Power Award
  • Clearinghouse & Patient Portal
  • RCM
  • Scheduling
  • AR & Denial Management
  • Charging and Posting
  • ICD-10

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