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NueMD Review

The pros and cons of NueMD are definitely balanced in favor of the pro column, but consideration of the best and worst aspects of the service are definitely worth reviewing. Among the best features that NueMD offers is a flexibility that allows for the service to adapt itself to the specific needs of your practice rather than trying to enforce a “one-size-fits-all” approach on all of its clients.

The specialty of NueMD is small and medium companies, which conflicts slightly with one of the company’s primary drawbacks: an obligatory 12-month minimum contract. The good news that stands out in opposition to the year-long commitments is that the setup fees are lower than you may find in competitor’s offerings.

NueMD has proven that they are able to keep up with transitions in the industry. Full HIPAA compliance and a smooth transition to ICD-10 have demonstrated a billing service that is among the top in the field at staying current with a frequently fluid regulatory environment.

First-time users of NueMD will also enjoy the introductory training program that the company offers. A specialist can get you and your partners up to speed on how to use the billing service to its maximum efficiency within the context of your practice.


More About NueMD Services:

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management
  • Medical Billing Services
  • ICD-10 Medical Coding
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • e-Prescribing and e-Labs
  • Get up to 99% Claims Acceptance
  • Schedule Appointments and Reminders

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Author: Mike Cynar

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  1. A great advantage is we are able to design tons of templates we want and have access to tons of public data and lists and live time information which they helps the staff in a great and as we implement and discover small changes we want to make. I know that getting a product that isn’t concretely structured is probably the best pro in addition they close second would be the staff at all points is responsive

  2. NueMD is an awesome software / program, whether you are just opening up your practice or looking to convert from a different billing program. Self training is readily available ( I got setup in a few hours) or you can schedule time with their friendly staff and trainers. Online support is available and we find it very useful.

  3. Our pediatric office has become far more efficient. Intake is faster and more accurate than ever. We love this solution from NueMD

  4. A great group of professionals all across the board. The team is really supportive and very helpful. NueMD works closely together with collaboration and from the CEO and management team and on throughout their offices staff. For Both entry level staff and new staff this is perfect level of access and learning that is rarely afforded in the corporate world.
    Nuesoft engenders a communal culture that enables individual growth and development. It’s affordable, easy to use, and we have had no issues.


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