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TherapyNotes Medical Billing Service Review

If you’re in the mental health profession or representing a mental health practice, it is hard to imaging even the best general product in the medical billing industry being able to compete with such a highly specialized package. TherapyNotes is custom tailored for the demands faced by mental health practitioners and practices, and that focus makes it easily one of the best options for professionals in the field.

When it comes to billing, TherapyNotes has a number of integrated features that all combine to make sure your practice gets paid as quickly as possible. Client notes can be used to generate insurance claims in a few clicks, and on-site payments can be processed quickly and affordably with integrated payment card (credit and debit) processing.

The note taking system is worth touching on further, because the EHR integrated notes system is designed to specially cater to mental health professionals. Spellcheck includes a very comprehensive mental health dictionary, and note templates are available to fit the professional demands of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other mental health workers. This is worth mentioning because of how smoothly the note-taking system integrates with the billing service provided by TherapyNotes.

One drawback of TherapyNotes is that it doesn’t parcel out its services: it is an all or nothing proposition. However, for a company in the market for a new medical billing service, they could do much worse than to sign up for a comprehensive, well-integrated software service that will help in the management of their entire mental health practice.


More About TherapyNotes Medical Billing Services:

  • Robust Scheduling
  • Smartphone Sync
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Specialty Note Types
  • Speedy Note Taking
  • Download Notes as PDF FIles
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Electronic Insurance Claims
  • Remittance Advice
  • Credit, Debit, and HSA Card Processing

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