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CRT Medical Systems
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CRT Medical Systems Review

When it came time to review CRT Medical Systems medical billing software, one fact stood out above all the rest: when you utilize their service, you will be assigned a dedicated staff member to look after your account. This is an excellent service, allowing your practice to form a relationship with the point-person who will be handling all of your claims.

When weighing the pros and cons of CRT Medical Systems, the limitation of incompatibility with the Epic electronic health record system crops up, however, the service does work with most other EHR options. Another con is that you do have to sign a contract for a minimum of one year of service in order to utilize CRT. However, this is offset by the personal service given by the dedicated account rep, as well as the flexibility enabled by being able to choose between a full and hybrid billing model. These two factors both land firmly in the “pro” column for the company.

For those who prefer the best in technical integration, it should also be mentioned that CRT has an excellent IOS/Android app, allowing you to enter information from your mobile device. There is also no local hosting required for the service, helping keep hardware costs low.


More About CRT Medical Systems Services:

  • Hybrid Management
  • ASP Online Billing Software
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Full Management Medical Billing
  • EMR Solutions
  • MGMA, HBMA Awards
  • Over 30 Years Experience
  • ICD-10 Resource Center
  • Billing Preparation & Processing

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  1. CRT is a medical billing company that also offers credentialing as another services to help medical health care Providers (Physicians, Nurses, PA’s, Therapist) obtain health insurance plans. This was to help the Providers to see and bill patients under those plans.

    The Credentialing department was outsourced instead of adding additional employees. Didn’t like that.


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