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Complaints & Reviews About Precision Medical Billing

Precision Medical Billing
8203 Willow Pl Dr S #230
Houston, TX 77070



Precision Medical Billing Review

Precision is a company that offers easy adoption for a wide variety of pre-existing setups, primarily because of how easily their platform works in conjunction with existing software. When you couple that with the fact that there are options available for on-site education, it is clear that precision is one of the best in the business for ease of implementation.

Precision is a top option in the field because of the customization that it offers as well. The company has a number of affiliated services that allow it to create a customizable package that meets your exact needs. This holds the added advantage of allowing you to remain in control of the costs you outlay for a medical billing service, something that definitely makes Precision one of the top choices for smaller practices. The cons of the software are tied to the same features however, as if you don’t know exactly what type of features your company needs you could easily end up paying for extraneous features.

Reviews of Precision support are excellent. Round the clock assistance means that you will never run into a problem that can’t be addressed immediately. In addition, if you’re operating a smaller practice with limited internal IT or tech expertise, Precision does have setup assistance options available to help you get up and running as painlessly as possible.


More About Precision Medical Billing Services:

  • Serves Physicians, Hospice, Hospitals
  • Partners AAPC, Access, CItrix ShareFIle, CradlemRx, HBMA
  • Billing & Collections
  • Revenue Cycle Management Assessment
  • Practice Management Consulting
  • Medical Billing Chart Audits
  • Front Office Practices
  • Reconciliation
  • Billing Preparation & Processing

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  1. Everyday we learned new things about the medical billing process. Our manager and co workers were very kind and easy to work with. At first the hardest part of the job was trying to learn everything about the medical billing process, I took lot of good notes and asked questions. The most enjoyable part of my job was receiving positive feedback from the manager and co workers.


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