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Complaints & Reviews About DuxWare Practice Management Medical Billing

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DuxWare Medical Billing Service Review

DuxWare Practice Management has earned its place at the top of the list of the best reviewed medical billing services in the industry. As a medical billing service provider DuxWare is focused on one thing: helping to improve the bottom line of its clients while making their medical billings as easy and as straightforward as possible. And in that regard, the company does admirably well. The electronic payment submission system is cloud-based so that you can access it easily from any point of access and submit claims instantly. In addition, DuxWare has an excellent training staff to help get you up to speed on the software in very short order.


DuxWare customers also seem to really appreciate the flexibility the company offers them in regards to payment options. New users of the software find it easy to learn and also mention how good the support is from the company. This is a common factor in all of the best medical billing services, because without excellent support it can be impossible to resolve problems with the kind of quick turnaround that is needed in the industry. DuxWare however, has made a name for itself as being able to provide the kind of top-tier support that make it one of the best options in the field.


More About DuxWare Medical Billing Services:

  • Claims Submissions
  • Full Integration With EHR
  • Cloud Based
  • Works With Smart PC and Mac
  • Real Time Updates
  • 97% First Pass Claims Acceptance
  • HCFA 1500 and UB04 Claims
  • EHR or EMS Systems
  • Secure Multi User Access

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  1. DuxWare allows them to move efficiently through their daily routine in clinics large and small. We have always found Duxware to be extremely user friendly and appreciate the excellent customer support that we receive.They provide physicians, administrators, billing services, and their integration partners powerful cloud based solutions that are designed to meet our needs now and in the future.


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