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Complaints & Reviews About GroupOne Medical Billing

GroupOne Healthsource
1002 Diamond Ridge, #1200
Jefferson City, Missouri 65109



GroupOne Healthcsource Medical Billing Review

When looking at the top medical billing service companies in the industry, one of the features that makes GroupOne stand out is how well the company integrates with other EHR software packages. The company is also excellent at consulting with its clients in order to find the particular solution that works best for a given practice. When you compare GroupOne to its competitors, another feature that makes it stand out is how clients have the option of either using a hosted version, or of having the software hosted in-house if you have the infrastructure and the IT resources to utilize that option.


No medical billing service has every feature land in the pro column however: there are always at least a few cons to go along with the positives, and in the case of GroupOne Healthsource, it is the training costs that you may incur in order to get your staff up to speed with the software. In addition, while the consultations are very helpful for finding the best way to implement the software within a practice, those consultations are only offered to larger scale, enterprise clients.


Overall though, GroupOne is a very comprehensive and customizable medical billing service. It is one of the best when it comes to packaging together the exact combination of software and services that its clients need to make their practices run smoothly.


More About GroupOne Medical Billing Services:

  • 25 Years of Revenue Cycle Services
  • Over 2 Million Claims Submitted
  • 100%+ Net Collection Rate
  • 98% First Pass Acceptance
  • Certified Coders
  • Denial Management
  • Small-large groups, hospitals, & enterprise solutions
  • eClinicalWorks 10e Trusted by over 115,000 Physicians
  • Advanced Reporting, Apps, CCMR, and Clinical Decision Support

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