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Complaints & Reviews About Encoda Medical Billing

2002 N. Lois Avenue, Suite 600
Tampa, Florida 33607



Encoda Medical Billing Review

What sets Encoda apart is patented technology that enables their clients to achieve workflow efficiencies unattainable by using a typical medical billing service or practice management system on its own. Their flagship Encoda BackOffice (EBO) works in tandem with a medical group’s existing PM / billing software to reduce claim denials and provide workflow efficiencies that reduce time and effort involved in processing claims. 


Encoda Billing ReviewsThe end result is maximized reimbursement and revenue cycle performance with 30-50% less effort. They license their cloud-based software and also use it to provide billing services with a variety of options. Their software have help doctors offices or 24×7 Doctors Answering Service providers that process information on their behalf. 

Encoda has locations in Tampa-FL, Blue Bell-PA, and Carrollton-GA.

When Encoda created Encoda BackOffice™ they stayed true and agreed not to conform to the typical, inefficient and disjointed functionality of modern clearinghouses and practice management medical billing systems. They tackled healthcare reimbursement automation by committing on first principles.

They stuck to their plan to re-imagine the revenue cycle. Today, they continue to challenge their Encoda staff to see their vision of the true intention of healthcare reimbursement automation, which is to enable each of their medical provider clients to collect the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, as cost effectively as possible.



More About Encoda Medical Billing Services:

  • Claims Manager
  • Claims Scrubber
  • Payment Manager
  • Watchdog (monitors payer checking for EDI events)
  • Revenue Assistance

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Review of Top Rated Medical Billing Companies

Encoda has many great solutions for back office software, revenue assistance programs, and Maestro Analytics ™.  The company’s leaders are Michael Kallish, William Bronson Cox, and Dan Rodger (President)

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