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Complaints & Reviews About Advent Medical Billing

Advent Medical Billing
1876 Osage Orange Ave Salt Lake 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

(801) 272-4556



Advent Medical Billing Review

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Advent offers two types of solution to take care of your medical office billing needs. The provide full service or partial medical billing to doctors.

Advent will scrub your medical claims for any problems that might result in a claim being rejected from an insurance company. They follow up by submitting your claims electronically online or in paper. If any medical claims are denied or rejected, Advent also has a solution to manage the physicians offices accounts receivable. If need to can bill the practices patients directly and transfer unpaid accounts to third party collection firms .

Advent also offers patient- or insurance-only billing in case you want to keep part of the process in house. If you select the option of insurance-only billing, they will take care of any insurance claims submitted to insurance provider from submission to follow up on denied claims. Asvent will also provide you with monthly  detailed reports.

For patient-only billing, Advent will manage all insurance claims it submits to patients. They will also take care of posting patient medical statements and payments. Unfortunately, due to limit available information there is not much more we can say about this firm. We strongly advise you to research this company for more company details.


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