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Complaints & Reviews About InSync Medical Billing

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InSync Medical Billing Review

Based out of Tampa, FL, InSync is a leading provider of top rated medical billing software across several verticals. InSync’s fully integrated EMR and PM billing software is built with robust feature and is specifically developed to meet the unique needs of all mental health practices. Using their medical billing software, medical practices can create and schedule multiple types of group therapies, construct care plans and utilize a wide array of assessment tools to provide the best care for patients.

    InSync is one of the best medical billing software solutions in the US, and they bring excellent value to their clients’ success. Healthcare providers can leverage InSync’s concierge-level services and deliver better quality and more efficient patient care.

    Their billing software covers every industry need:

    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Medical Transcription
    • Substance Abuse Treatment Software
    • Family and Pediatric Software
    • Internal Medicine Software

    The conclusion of our review of InSync Healthcare billing software Solutions is the are top company with excellent products. They are a leading provider of MU-2 certified integrated electronic medical records and practice management software. InSync offers revenue cycle management and medical transcription services to thousands of doctors, nurses, and medical professionals throughout the United States.

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