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MTBC PracticePro
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MTBC PracticePro Review

MTBC Medical Billing Service a/k/a Medical Transcription Billing, Corp offers software with a highly efficient tool designed to detect errors in claims before they are submitted. The automated features designed to improve successful claim submission work very effectively, and greatly cut down on the time spent in house dealing with matters related to billings.

One of the way that MTBC PracticePro saves your practice time is by employing support representatives that will handle your claims from initiation to completion, without having to burden your staff with the time-consuming details that frequently pull resources away from patient care in practices that handle billing in-house.

A drawback to the MTBC PracticePro is that it is required that clients sign a minimum of a yearlong contract. Under that standard agreement, the cost of the service is equivalent to 5% of the value of all billings collected by the service.

A standout addition to the MTBC offerings however, is their round the clock service. With 24-hour attention to your billings, the upside is that your yearlong contract will result in a company that is pursuing your claims whenever necessary, day or night, throughout the duration of that year. This is something that many comparable medical billing services aren’t able to offer.


More About MTBC PracticePro – Medical Transcription Billing, Corp:

  • 68 Medical Specialties
  • Consultancy Services
  • Medical Transcription
  • Business Intelligence
  • MU2 Certified
  • ICD-10 Ready
  • 95% First Time Pass Rate
  • Over 9,000 Clients in 40+ States
  • In Business Since 2001
  • Lab Connectivity
  • E-Prescribing Solutions

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