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Avisena Review

Avisena is powered by Medusind. When you compare Avisena to other medical billing services, one thing that makes it stand out is its flexibility. Avisena does have its own Electronic Health Record options should you choose to use them. However, if you have another EHR system that is designed to work within your speciality, Avisena’s billing system works well with almost all other specialized EHR systems. This allows clients to get the best of both world’s utilizing both the EHR and medical billing system best suited to their practices.

Avisena follows the industry standard billing model of assessing your fees as a percentage of billings processed through their service. However, the exact rate may be adjusted depending on how complex a service package you opt into.

The Avisena software does an excellent job of inspecting claims for issues before there are submitted, helping to reduce rejected or disputed claims in advance. In the event that a claim is denied, it will also not be suddenly dumped back on your desk, as Avisena looks after administration of these as well.

Free updates to the Avisena service rest heavily in the ‘pro’ column when evaluating the service. Instead of having to face costly upgrade fees when the regulatory or professional environment shifts, Avisena will keep all of its clients compliant and up to date as the industry evolves.


More About Avisena:

  • Cloud Based Software
  • MedClarity PM
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Physician Practice Management
  • Patient Access
  • Billing, Collections, RCM, EMR, EHR, Analytics
  • Founded 2001, Now Owned By Medusind

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