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Complaints & Reviews About ZirMed

888 W Market St
Louisville, KY 40202
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ZirMed Review

ZirMed has established itself as a top Revenue Cycle Mangement company by focusing on technological excellence. Their “predictive analytics” system helps medical practices find ways to optimize their operations in order to improve profits with minimum effort.

If you would like to see how ZirMed could help your business increase profits, the company does offer customized demos. This is a very useful evaluation tool, allowing you to see firsthand how their platform could help you.

One of the categories that ZirMed lands on the top in is the patient tools provided. With options ranging from payment-plan arrangement to eligibility verification through an easy to use portal, ZirMed improves the patient experience as they’re dealing with the difficult business of the financial responsibilities involved in their care.

The efficiency of ZirMed helps ensure that your claims are processed accurately. With a 98% clean-claims rate that they are rightfully proud of, the company’s technological oversight helps prevent costly and time consuming mistakes that can arise when using other less advanced billing methods.



More About ZirMed:

  • Best In Klas
  • BlackBook 2016
  • EHNAC Accredited
  • ONC Certified HIT
  • RCM Solutions
  • Patient Access
  • Claims and AR Management
  • Population Risk Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

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