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Complaints & Reviews About The Valletta Group

The Valletta Group
600 Century Park S
Birmingham, AL 35226

(888) 874-7084



The Valletta Group Review

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The Valletta Group is based out of Birmingham, Alabama and has been in business since 2004 when a group of individuals in the in-house billing department of a large practice branched out on their own. As a result, this company does not consist of executives and entrepreneurs but rather individuals experienced in billing.


Valetta provides entire revenue cycle services, but they also pride themselves on doing more work than the average billing company. They claim that many billing companies require their clients to do the legwork, but they take on all of the tasks.

Valetta tackles credentialing, enrollment, coding, charge entry, correcting denied and underpaid claims, and more. The company also offers consultation services to advise practice staff on how they can improve their efficiency and thus help their practice save and make more money.


Valetta prides itself on the flexibility they provide their clients. They advertise that they work with companies of all sizes. They flex their system to meet their client’s needs, regardless of the size of practice they’re serving.

While they do recommend a particular software, they’re willing to work with smaller or older practices that prefer email super billing.

Most likely because of their background of working within a large company, Valetta prides themselves on their attention to their clients. Their business model has them dedicate a team of professionals to each client. The team then works together to meet the client’s needs, communicating with each other and providing the client with some outstanding services.

The team will key charges, submit claims, track audit trails post payments, pursue delinquent insurance claims, and answer patient billing questions.


This company has few if any cons. Clients and employees review them as an honest and respectable company with consistent delivery.

The company itself prides itself on making integrity a key part of its brand.

They have a large section on their website dedicated to dispelling the myths that many billing companies promise. According to Valetta, many companies over promise and then fail the companies they’re attempting to serve. They claim to serve clients honestly by not overpromising.

In short, their integrity bleeds through every element of this company.


Valetta does not list its prices outright, but, as with many billing companies, you can request a quote from the company website.



Services Offered:

  • Insurance Credentialing & Enrollment
  • Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • Claim Submission
  • Patient Statements
  • Patient Collections
  • Patient Inquires

The Valletta Group logo

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