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Complaints & Reviews About First Choice Medical Billing

First Choice Medical Billing
3300 Tyre Neck Rd d
Portsmouth, VA 23703

(757) 966-5323


First Choice Medical Billing is a small family company based out of Northern California. The company began with one mom, homeschooling her children and working from her home as a medical biller. She felt the desire to serve more patients and doctors, so she opened her own business, hired employees, and has now been in the business for more than twenty years.

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First Choice offers a variety of services, including daily electronic claims, patient billing, claims to follow up, AR/AP, monthly aging reports, appeals, refunds, special projects like AR recovery, eligibility verifications, and tailored or customized billing depending on the needs of your office.


As a family-owned business, First Choice focuses on personal care, so they tend to focus on their customers more than the bottom line. Some clients even claim the business treats their clients like family.

The company specializes in ASC, pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic, NMD, and physicians, so they have a broad range of skills for such a small company. They can serve any one of these types of practices, which means their billing knowledge is up to speed.

First Choice is known for their knowledge in the billing world, staying up to date on current practices and laws so they can serve their clients well.


As a small business, First Choice has limitations. They do not have the same freedom to offer flexibility as other larger companies do because of their limited staff. They also cannot handle large quantities of work that would come from larger practices.

That said, the CEO freely admits her limitations, stating they do not hesitate to turn a client down if they don’t think they can serve the client well.

Her honesty trumps her desire to earn money, and that makes First Choice an excellent option for many physicians.


As a small, family-owned business, First Choice understands the need for flexible pricing based on the quantity of work. They do not advertise specific prices, but clients can request a quote.



Services Offered:

  • Daily electronic claims submissions
  • Patient Billing
  • Claims follow up
  • AR/AP
  • Monthly aging reports
  • Appeals
  • Refunds
  • Special projects-AR recovery
  • Eligibility verification

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