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iSalus Medical Billing Software Review

Curious if iSalus is the best electronic health records system for your needs? Our comprehensive review will help you determine if it’s the right fit.

In 2018, 70 percent of physicians said they spent 10 hours or more per week on paperwork and administrative tasks.

Your main passion is most likely helping patients, not doing paperwork. Considering that, you should consider using software to streamline your administrative tasks to make your life easier and help you focus on your patients more.

One such piece of technology is iSalus, which is an electronic health records (EHR) software that’s specifically designed to help small and medium-sized practices.

If you’re wondering if iSalus is right for your medical office, then keep reading. We’ll give you a comprehensive guide on this practice management software.

About iSalus

iSalus first came into existence in 2000 with the main purpose of providing technology solutions for an industry that was severely lacking. Its parent company is EverCommerce, which also owned AllMeds. AllMeds started a little earlier in 1997, and it also provided healthcare technology solutions.

In October of 2019, EverCommerce announced that they were merging iSalus and AllMeds. This merger proved to be highly beneficial, as these two company’s offerings were complementary to one another’s.

This means today, if your practice chooses to use iSalus, you’ll enjoy not only their original services but also all of AllMeds’s.

Our Review of iSalus

Now that you know a little bit about iSalus, it’s time to move onto our review. Here, we’ll give you a thorough look at this practice management software’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Features

First things first: let’s explore the features. In general, iSalus allows for:

  • Billing: Patient insurance eligibility verification, charge capture, claims submission, and fee schedules.
  • Scheduling: Color-coded scheduler, real-time alert notifications, faxing, and custom fields.
  • Meaningful Use: These Meaningful Use dashboards are color-coded to alert you to any non-compliant Meaningful Use criteria. They also tell you exactly what to do to reach compliance.
  • Medical reconciliation: This feature will help you and your staff get rid of redundant tasks. As a result, your practice will be more efficient and effective.

Very Accessible

iSalus ReviewThe best thing about modern technology is how accessible it can be. For instance, iSalus is a web-based system, which means you can access the software from the cloud.

This means if you need to access patient records, do scheduling, or look at financial data, you can do this from any device in any place, so long as you have an internet connection. This allows you to take care of business whenever you need, so you can keep on top of things, even if you’re not physically at your practice.

Quick Implementation

For full implementation, iSalus can take up to 60 days. When you compare this to industry standards, this is pretty quick. If you really need their software fully implemented quicker, they offer expedited services.

If you get the standard package, you can pay an extra $95 an hour for them to import the data from your existing system. But if you get the premium package, they’ll do all that for free.

Great Customization Options

Every practice is run in its own special way, so why should you be forced to use the software in the same exact way? iSalus realizes every medical office has its unique workflows, which is why their EHR is fully customizable.

In fact, their software is created specifically so it can easily adapt to different types of specialties and workflows.

You can choose from thousands of templates from pretty much all medical specializations. And if you don’t find one that suits your purposes, then iSalus can step in and do further customization for you specifically so you get what you want.

iSalus Software ReviewGreat Interface

The interface for iSalus very easy to navigate, which means you and your staff won’t have to spend long to learn the software. It’s also very sleek, meaning you definitely won’t get tired of looking at and using iSalus.

You pretty much get all the functions you need on one screen, which eliminates needless scrolling and navigating throughout pages. Also, it supports all sorts of billing software, which is handy if you use more than one.

So-So Customer Service

iSalus claims to have 24/7 customer service. While this may be true, some people have found this company to be slow to respond.

The software is great to use when it’s working perfectly fine, but should you run into any problems, you may be left waiting for a little if you have a pressing issue.


iSalus is a bit on the expensive side, but it may be worth it, as it’s a piece of software that has so many features. It starts at $149.00 per month, per user for the standard package. If you want the premium package, this costs $299 per month, per user.

Do note that this price includes group training and a few hours of customization (four for the standard package, eight for the premium). You should also be aware that there may be some additional fees in the implementation phase that other companies usually include in the startup costs.

If you’re not sure about jumping with paid subscriptions right away, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s a free trial available.

Consider Getting iSalus for Your Practice

As you can see, iSalus is a very user-friendly piece of software with tons of amazing features. While it does have some small downsides, in general, iSalus is a solid choice when it comes to practice management software.

With its highly customizable software and their drive to provide the best in technology to the healthcare industry, you can count on iSalus to provide an EHR that will work great for your practice, no matter what specialization you’re in.

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